Low/High TSH Levels, and Impact on Other Conditions?

Posted by jimana @jimana, Mar 18, 2017

@colleenyoung Coleen, it’s been a while since I participated in a discussion, last year when I first had A-fib and stayed active for a while. Recently it’s come to light that when my A-fib events happen, my thyroid TSH hormone has been very low and it seems that it may be the trigger. The reason for this contact is to learn if there is any discussion of thyroid issues. I asked my doctor to switch me from Synthroid to Nature-Throid, a natural product instead of synthetic, last June. Since then my TSH numbers have been all over the map. It first came back very high, meaning I needed more Nature-Throid. We increased and tested, increased and tested until my meds were high and the TSH was very low (0.03) at my last A-Fib event when it should be 0.6 – 3.74. Since then we have decreased the meds but the TSH stays low, recently at 0.06. Just wondered if any other members had any experience in this arena. Thanks, Jim


Many who are on dessicated need t3 also. I’m on Levo so still learning myself all this thyroid stuff. I’ve also cut out processed foods, dairy and gluten. Ugh. What a headache. Lol!!! There’s many different issues ranging from person to person as far as diet, activity, age, thyroid treatment, supplementation, etc. if you are deficient in vitamin D, that can cause symptoms related to thyroid. Same with hormones. Magnesium, selenium and vitamin D in my opinion are very important for us thyroid peeps. I buy NOW brand and take 10,000IU’s daily. I a
Do take K2 with it as it helps to absorb. Check out thyroid healing journey on Facebook – it’s a private group and if you post there, they may be able to give you more info. I’ve learned so much and feel so much better since taking vitamin D!! I do suffer Hashimotos and my understanding is that hashis will and can alternate up and down. Have you had antibodies tested??? If you have elevated antibodies, the first step is to reduce and that is by diet modification and supplementation.

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@michellecrcrn Thanks, that is good advice. D3 has become a staple for millions of folks. I take 5,000/day. I did learn, however, that an excess of D3 can trigger A-Fib so I reduced my 10K to 5K. Speaking of K2, it has come to light that K2 helps direct calcium to the bones instead of to the heart and blood vessels thereby preventing build-up that can cause cardiovascular problems. I’ll be sure to checkout the Facebook group. Be well.

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