Collagenous colitis - Collagenous gastritis

Posted by reformkat @reformkat, Sep 17, 2018

I was diagnosed around 20 years ago. I was only the 7th case my specialist had ever diagnosed. so it was a little rare at that time. I had had symptoms for 10 years or so and had not gone to a specialist. So, now, I have had the symptoms for about 40 years. My doctor said in 2015 that it would burn itself out. It didn’t. There was a time when I was so much in pain that I was wishing they would just remove my intestines. lol Sometimes it is still that bad. Do we really need to have to take meds forever for this ?

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Budesonide always makes me gain weight. I started on it again last week and am experiencing a number of new problems with it. I get really short of breath very easily. I get lightheaded. Lose my balance. Experiencing bone pain. Itching from head to toe. Burning sensation of the skin. I'm also coughing a lot. Have a runny nose. I don't have a cold either.

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With these new symptoms, you should call your doctor right away!

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