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Posted by @pluggingalong in Cancer, Jul 12, 2012

Has anyone else heard about the killer t cells that they coat your own cells with something and put them back in your body so it will kill the cancer cells? Even my doctor hasn't heard of it but my husband found an article online about it.

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Posted by @lovinjesus, Jul 12, 2012

Hi Cll, no I haven't heard anything about that. I will be sure to try and find it though. Thanks for letting everyone know. Gerri


Posted by @lovinjesus, Jul 12, 2012

Oh, just researched it. YES, your husband is definitely correct on this. Here is just one link and if you read down it does mention HIV and Cancer. Wonderful news if you ask me. Thanks you cll. Gerri


Posted by @anneinside, Jul 14, 2012

Sounds like a scam


Posted by @taxm1040, Jul 16, 2012

Yes, I read about it on penn medicine,

It was released 8/2011. I think it is in trial for people with no other options.


Posted by @ssmarcus, Jul 16, 2012

No I havent

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