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Posted by @deidsmac, Oct 12, 2011

I have been pulling out my hair since I was 12. I am a female.55 years old, and am still consumed with this compulsion. It seems to have escalated in the past few years.I have been on antidepressants for 10 years or so, they don’t seem to make a difference with the pulling. I have a wonderful family, 3 grown children, and 5 grandchildren. This really is something I struggle with, and would love to stop. Can anyone relate to this problem I have?



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Posted by @arini, Oct 12, 2011

have you used any hair tonic? but actually i experienced the same thing, i have even dreamed of having bald head 🙁


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Posted by @tinybit, Nov 21, 2011

i ‘m too been pulling my hair for over 30 yrs. now i’m almost bald all over noone here seems to know what i should do — except medication which never does any good!!!


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Posted by @deidsmac, Nov 21, 2011

hi tinybit I don’t know about you, but, I am so fed up and disgusted with this problem. Isn’t crazy?? I found some help, just yesterday signed up for a online trich program I found after much search on te internet. I know it is ligitimate,a woman who also suffered for years developed the program, look up Abby Leora Rohrer.


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Posted by @goingcrazy, Mar 14, 2012

Hello, I am a 41 year old female and I have pulled my hair out until I ended up with a bald spot about as big as an half dollar. It has been 4 months and my hair still wont grow back. I still get the urge to keep doing it but I keep telling myself no, because it looks bad….. any suggestions on how to get it to grow back. it even got as bad as on whole left side i pulled all eye lashes and eye brows out! please help……

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