chronic severe stomach pain and vomiting

Posted by kimadk1 @kimadk1, Dec 1, 2022

My 19 year old daughter has had severe stomach pain and vomiting. Started last spring . Been to ER 3 times for fluids and severe dehydration. Have seen 3 family doctors. The last gave her Prilosec and Sucralfate. He says it is inflammation of the stomach causing this. At first the pills helped and she stopped being sick but now 1 month later is happening again for the 8 time in a year. Severe vomiting that is basically stomach bile because she cant eat and it will not go away and severe stomach pain. I think she needs to see a gastroenterologist. Last time we saw the family dr. he would not refer her but we have an appointment tomorrow morning and I am going to insist he refer us. Can anyone help me please?

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Hi @kimadk1 Your poor daughter. Her symptoms of severe stomach pain and vomiting are pretty hard to ignore! It seems rather odd that her PCP wouldn’t refer her to a gastroenterologist. I hope that you keep pushing for an appointment because at 19, this isn’t anything your daughter should have to be facing without answers.
Can she pinpoint anything that triggers these episodes? Was she ill prior to her first attack, such as Covid? It might be helpful to have her keep a daily journal of things she eats, activities and such so that you can see if there is a correlation with the events.

If you’d like seek a second opinion with Mayo Clinic, here is the link to the main page.
When you open to the site it will show you 3 options for Mayo Campuses. Chose which location would be the most convenient for you and pick up the phone. The coordinator will guide you through the process for an appointment request.

I hope you’re successful with convincing her doctor to refer your daughter to gastro! Let me know what you learn today, ok?


I’m so very sorry that your daughter is this sick for this long. And quite frankly I think this borders on malpractice from your doctor. Do you have to have a referral from a doctor to see a specialist? If so and your doc won’t refer her this time I would change doctors as fast as you can. And report this doctor to the medical board. In the meantime I recommend some things to try to get her electrolytes leveled out. You can buy these packets on Amazon and the will deliver them quickly. They are called Jigsaw Health Electrolyte Supreme. Mix a packet with 10 ounces of water (bottled water , cold) and sip it. It has a nice flavor. I buy the berry flavor. Since I’m older I dehydrate more easily for some reason and I use them. Even though I drink bottles of water a day. Then I use live refrigerated probiotics, you can get them at Whole Foods or any good health food store. Start on one capsule a day. See if she starts feeling some better. NO I’m no doctor but I was so deathly sick with both my pregnancies that I had to learn some things. I wish you and your doctor the very best.


Went years w similar problem before drs at Mayo Jacksonville found ulcer in my small intestine using double balloon enteroscopy. After resection now have had multiple obstruction problems requiring hospitalization and NG tube. Same symptoms as your daughter. Post only as stricture/obstruction one possibility.

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