Chronic painful muscle knots, widespread

Posted by 1k194 @1k194, Nov 6 5:04am

Has anyone else experienced widespread, painful muscle knots that literally never go away?

For years now I’ve had many painful knots in several areas of my body. I have tried ice, heat, muscle relaxers, over the counter pain medication, and massage/trigger point pressure and NOTHING helps. My spouse can find dozens of hard knots in my face, head, jaw, neck, upper back and shoulders, back, arms and legs. The knots are always there, cause pain without touching the area and cause unbearable pain that is nauseating if pressure is applied to the knot(s). My spouse tries to massage them the make the knot release but it doesn’t help; I just can’t stand the pain and it quickly becomes nauseating. Sometimes the general pain of it (pain that is present without pressing on the knots) is so bad it keeps me awake at night.

What could be causing these knots and pain and what can be done to relieve it?

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I would go to a rheumatologist and have bloodwork done or pain clinic and get their take on this. I am so sorry you are hurting so much. Praying for you right now. I care.


I wonder if acupunture would help?


You could have Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome. Mine is caused by my body being hypermobile and my muscles working overtime essentially to keep things in place.

Trigger point infections, Dry Needling, Acupuncture, Massage, warm Epsom baths, stretching, yoga, and muscle relaxers can help.


You must mean “trigger point injections.” Not infections.


I found a connection between the LEF1 marker on b cells and arthritis. LEF1. I was looking for a connection because I live in a very small town and the two women with blood cancer, me being one of the two, both need shoulder replacements. LEF1 is elevated in CLL and eats away at cartilage. There are some studies showing each separately but not the link. My rheumatologist gave me diclofenac orally bid which changed my life! I can sleep, don't ache constantly and though my shoulders still need to be replaced, I can live like this for awhile. I don't know if diclofenac would help the knots you describe, but it sure helped my bone and joint pain and hence, my muscular pain too. It is a non-steroidal antiinflammatory available by prescription only. The best muscle relaxer I have used is skelaxin. Best of luck!


Yes, I’ve had the same type of muscle knots for years. I’ve tried so many treatments. The last thing I tried that worked was PT with a good therapist, who used various techniques, specifically dry needling. I was shocked! She got my lower body back in good shape. Now, I need help with my arms.

I saw all kinds of specialists years ago and had tests, but never got a diagnosis. I’m still searching, but it could be anxiety. I’m not sure. There are a number of conditions it could also be. I’m awaiting diagnosis from a neurologist. Trying not to go down the rabbit hole.


Oh, I forgot to add that I work out 5-6 days a week, cardio and 3 days weights. I feel great and have energy….but the muscle knots persist. It’s frustrating.


I have chronic pain from my neck. I found a very certified cranial massage. I am Tight every where and now getting cranial sacral therapy. My nerves are all bunched up and she relieves it which helps my whole body

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