Chronic Neck Pain and Left Testicle Ache

Posted by jjbella1223 @jjbella1223, Apr 26, 2023

5yrs ago I had left testicle swelling followed by Neck pain and swirling headaches. Urologist did all test on groin area and kidneys. He gave me medicine for infection. No infection and all test were normal. Swelling went away but dull ache has always remained. Swelling comes and goes.
Neck pain and headaches continued so I went to neck doctor, Neurologist and Rheumatologist. All MRI , Scans, blood test are all good. This month is 5 yrs of suffering. My Early morning are good. As the day goes on pain progresses. I had nerve ablation for headaches and headaches are not so intense. Meloxicam and Dicloflenic don’t do much. Steroids didn’t work.
I take Synthroid for under active thyroid which has been under control. I take amitripilyne for sleep and pain.
No discomfort when laying down at night.
Any Suggestions-

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@jjbella1223, I'm not a doctor and can't diagnose. But I wonder if this related discussion might be helpful as you continue to research your pain issues:
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Do you have untreated anxiety? I read that this can contribute to testicle discomfort.


Do you have untreated anxiety? I read that this can contribute to testicle discomfort.

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Anxiety and sleep issues.
Been under doctor care and sleeping has improved


From one to ten how uncomfortable is that dull ache?

Also have you tried physical therapy to strengthen your pelvic floor? Mayo has a great pt for that from which I benefit.

What else have you tried?


Dull ache of testicle is a 10.
Usually followed with neck pain and headache.
Some relief using CBD.
Trying to figure what works best and the longest, gummies, tinctures or roll on.

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