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Scoliosis and Chronic back pain

Posted by @detzler, Jul 11, 2016

I am a 59 year old female. I have scoliosis which is causing a great deal of pain. I don’t want to go on narcotics if I don’t have to. What do others do with this problem?


Yoga, Pilates, steam heat, water aerobics. Or just walking, if you can. I have been taking hydrocodone for two weeks after a dental procedure, and may be taking it for a total of three weeks. I have not noticed any change in my limited, manageable, mild scoliosis (less than 10 percent) while on this potentially addicting pain killer, even though I have been unable to resume exercise. Three months before that, I was prescribed Percocet, a more addictive medication, for almost four weeks, following repair of a muscle ripped during weight lifting — arthroscopic surgery, that has a typically long and painful recovery. For my back, 25 years ago, I tried acupuncture, with PT, and more recently observed dry needling while in PT for my shoulder surgery. The acupuncture gave me a physical high, for about 24 hours, and I would recommend it for a sense of well being prior to a once in a lifetime event, like a wedding. However, the administration of this treatment by a highly qualified DO, a second generation MD, invariably left me with one or two slightly infected sites that would clear up, after a few days — but still, I wondered if this potential for infection was really worth the temporary gain in mobility. I think that acupuncture and dry needling would have helped me when my back was in spasm following three births without anesthesia — did n’t plan it that way — but that’s what happened according to my OB who was trying to keep me lightly medicated, but nothing was effective at the time of birth. What I do remember is that my back remained in spasm for a few days after the birth. My mother said later that she also experienced back labor and I am curious whether anyone who has scoliosis also experienced back labor — back labor is a wave of contractions that you feel not only in your stomach, but also in your back. Sometimes they are simultaneous, other times they preceded or follow the other contraction.


Most folks i know with the problem either learn to live with it or get relief from a chiropractor.

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In April I had THR. No pain now which is good but have been having severe back pain because of scoliosis. My degrees are 62. I am 64. Was diagnosed at the age of ten. No surgery was ever performed because doctors said there was an 85% chance of paralysis. Ten years ago was examined again same results. I was going every year for check ups but for some unknown reason stopped. I have been told by my surgeon who performed my hip surgery pain is from my hip having to get used to my body. He doesn’t want me doing anything about my back till April 2017. I decided to go to a chiropractor and try to see if I get relief from the pain. I would walk for 10 minutes and have to sit because of the pain. Now things are getting better. I can walk farther and when I do have pain I sit for a few minutes and it goes away. He has given me exercises to do too. I was seeing him 2 times a week went to once a week now he is going to try every two weeks. I do go for Swedish massage once a month. Have been doing that for ten years. Up until the last few times it helped but have a new therapist and it seems to make it worse. Don’t know why. My daughter suggested I try REIKI had two treatments and felt better after. Funny thing they really don’t touch you but create an energy. She actually told me exactly what was wrong. Also in the beginning she was experiencing pain on her right side and asked me if I had pain there. Told her about my hip. Told me I had a lot of issues with anxiety. After having been down 8 months with severe hip pain plus I was taking care of my mom with dementia and had to make the decision to put her in a nursing home. Guess that would do it. Before I was taking pain meds every 6 hours now if I do feel any pain it’s usually at bedtime when I have been most active during the day. Hoping that will go away in time too.

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