Choline C11 PET scan: Anyone had it? Is it useful?

Posted by rudder32 @rudder32, Jul 4 9:05am

Hi, I had a prostatectomy 2006, and salvage radiation 2015, now the PSA is rising again (2023, I'm 74) I've been reading about the Choline C11 pet scan (at Mayo) that can locate cancer cells in the prostate bed. Has anyone used this tool (is it useful?) and what it the follow up treatment? Thx! Bill

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Choline is a protein based tracer while plyarify and gallium are sugar based. I don't know of any side effects of these imaging methods, but there could be some.


I am not aware of there being any side effects from any of the scanning procedures. Choline C11 used to be the best PET scan available, however, PSMA-PET is now the best for detecting cancer cells.


Letting the group know your PSA history can help the group respond better.

There are newer scans than the C11 Choline which are more sensitive. I had the Plarify scan in April when my PSA was .7. It located a single lymph node which we used SBRT to treat along with six months of Orgovyx to clean up micro metastatic disease

It's unlikely that the C11 Choline scan would have shown that lymph node and my radiologist would have had nothing to treat.

This will give you an idea of some of the other scans, you can find other articles.

If your PSA is low and you're trying to locate the recurrence, the C11 Choline may not be your answer.



Hi Kevin.
Thx for your response! Very helpful. May I pick your brain for moment? I don't know your situation, but why did your Dr. have you take the scan and what did it cost? Btw my PSA just started to go up from 0.11 (which I was told meant undetectable) to 0.14 which my Dr doesn't seem be to concerned about. Also, if I may ask, How did you tolerate the Orgovyx?
Thx again!

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