Fatty liver and now chest and abdominal pains

Posted by Karen @billybella, May 30 3:56pm

I was diagnosed with fatty liver few years ago Iam now in pain with it it does feel inflamed because my chest feels so full and uncomfortable with some pain when breathing deeply.
My g.p.doesnt seems concerned about it.
Then last year I had my gallbladder removed.
Recently I have intense pain lower abdomen right side under ribs and raidiateing around the back.
Also right upper chest pain around heart area pain intensify s when I bend forwards.
And now I also have pain right side under ribs lower abdomen.
I have had urine tests frequently showing high white cell count high leukocytes high protein.blood in urine.
I've had ultrasound on kidneys and bladder no stones found.
I have fibromyalgia and now all these other pains and symptoms on the top..I keep going to g.p. with all symptoms but it seems he's unconcerned ???

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Time to see an academic digestive clinic,


A standard board question is like this looking for porphyria


I have fatty liver and also had gallbladder removed. You have clips placed during gb surgery which remain inside you permanently and they show up on radiographs, ctscans, mri.
As others have suggested, go to your ER and they will surely do a CTScan or at lease an xray. Sounds like you have an infection going on; your gp is wrong to ignore it.

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