Chest Pain/Disconfort since May 2019

Posted by loudimus @loudimus, Aug 6, 2019

Hello everyone, Loudimus here but you can call me Lou.

So here's my story. In may I got a really sharp pain in my chest in the middle of the night. Went to ER, got a EKG and a CT scan. The doctor told me everything was fine, my heart was fine, and that the pain was most likely muscle related.

3 days later I got another sharp pain right below my left breast. I didn't feel dizzy, the pain was only in that area didn't radiate to shoulder, arm, neck, jaw, etc... I got up and walked for a bit and a few minutes later the pain was gone.

Since then I've been feeling discomfort in my chest but since may I was hit with a few illnesses. First it was a mild flu, lasted about a week, then I started to burp a lot and regurgitate stuff whenever I burped. I looked for symptoms and they matched with GERD.

Symptoms got way better around July. Every now and then I start to burp a lot and regurgitate stuff back up my throat but its very rare nowadays. But the thing that has me worried is that darn chest Pain/Discomfort.

The chest pain is always on the left side about 2cm up fromt he nipple and 4cm from the sternum. Sometimes it feels like pressure, other times like a getting stabbed, but the pain stays there. My arm feels fine, my shoulder is fine, no pain on my neck or jay. Sometimes I feel the pain at the back near the shoulder blade but it lasts for a few seconds or when I move it. Now, sometimes the pain is quite sharp and makes me flinch and this pain happens right next to the nipple on the left side of my chest. To me it feels like a heart attack, but I just feel fine overall, no nausea, no sweating, no dizziness, just the pain on the chest on the same spot every time. Also no shortness of breath. I can breathe just fine all the time, except for a few times which I'll go into detail shortly. The chest muscles on the left side also feel stiff, or tensed up. Whenever I get a pain of my muscles feel like that I check my blood pressure and it is usually 107/67.

Now here's another detail. I suffer from anxiety tho I have never had it checked. So whenever I get that chest Pain/Disconfort I get anxious, scared, and my heart rate goes up a little but never passes beyond 100 bpms it usually stays between 77-88 sometimes very rarely it goes up to 95. Also, when I sit down my chest gets tight but as soon as I get up or lay down it goes away. When I workout I feel normal too no issues at all.

So thats my little cherade, any help or counsel on what might be going on will be greatly appreciated!

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Hi all, thank you for your help. So yesterday I took an xray so should have results in a day or two. The feeling I get is chest tightness and shortness of breath in the centre of the chest. When I wake up in the morning it feels the worst and reduces slightly throughout the day. If I try take a deep breath and hold it, it hurts. I also continuously keep clearing my throat and cough also. No Idea what it is but its getting to me now..

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Hello @1006

I hope that you have the results of your x-ray by now.

I'm wondering how long this burning has been happening? Have you recently been checked by a GI specialist or a cardiologist?

Will you post again and provide an update?


Hoping the results come out today. The worrying part is that I keep coughing and I am constantly with the burning sensation in my chest. my watch heart rate sitting down is 74 which is not low.. The most discomfort is when I will be in bed and ready to get up, feels like my chest/internal is stuck together...


OK so whilst still waiting for my X-ray results I wanted to list what I am feeling maybe someone can put my mind to rest or worry more...

Throat feels tight (even when swallowing)
Chest Tightness
Shortness of breath from time to time
Worst is when I wake up
Pain below centre of rib cage


OK so got the X-RAY and my doctor told me it came back normal. This is the result:

No pulmonary lesion is seen. The heart is not enlarged. No pleural effusion detected.

So now the question is.. What do I have?!

Should be going back to doctor this week to get checked out again


@1006 Waking up to a burning chest every morning is certainly something to explore.

You'll notice that I moved your question to an existing discussion. I did this so you could connect with members who have gone through something similar. It looks like mentor @merpreb already responded. Below I have linked a separate discussion that may also be of interest to you, as it relates to GERD and chest pain.

- Severe chest tightness when waking up every morning

May I ask if you were referred for any testing or specialists?

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tried gerd medication several times but doesn't help
its been for 10 or 15 years


Hi @loudimus,

I know its been almost 5 years since you have posted this. I am having very similar symtoms and I was wondering if you ever figured out the cause of it all or if it went away?

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