Chest Pain

Posted by khanmuheet @khanmuheet, Jan 20, 2019

I feel pain in the middle of my upper chest from last 2 month when i cough, sneeze, move my body parts, lie down and when i press the area where i feel pain. I already consult cardiologist and he done ECG for my heat and the report is OK and there is no problem in heart.

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Yes i seen two time with General Physician and 2 time with cardiologist. GP refer me to cardiologist and the cardiologist told me that is acid reflex and he gave me Ranitidine and that was not helpful to me, my condition is same and the pain is little increase.

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I was on randine too for 2 yrs after my colonstamy. Had majir problem . had cardigest problems as well. Got on nexuim and off the randine help so much. And no over the counter tums roliaids or any anti med make it worse

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