Anyone had a celiac plexus block for GI pain?

Posted by johnbluffside @johnbluffside, Jun 2, 2022

Has anyone had this nerve block done?


I am seeing a Neurologist at a leading teaching hospital. He said they never due for IBS usually for Stomach Cancer etc. i have been in continual pain with no relief for over 2 years now with what they are saying is IBS. They are discussing my case.

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I had my Plexus Block to help diagnose nMALS. It is part of the protocol for this to be completed before having surgery. But I'm sure its used for many reasons.


@johnbluffside, there is a possibility a thiamine deficiency may have a role in your continual pain. Thiamine is critical for the brain, vagus nerve and gut connection. Thiamine and vitamin D need magnesium to become bioactive and in turn activated thiamine is needed to activate B6. The B vitamins work better together. Thiamine is subject to being diminished or destroyed by anti thiamine factors. The stuttersence link presents a comprehensive list. I hope this information offers a direction leading to relief. Talk with your doctor before starting any supplements


@johnbluffside, fellow members @jhmontrose @dave06351 @jdebusk @bfort have mentioned celiac plexus nerve block for a GI related condition called MALS.

Your doctor is right that it is typically used to help manage cancer-related pain. You can learn more in this helpful article
– Celiac Plexus Block: What It Is, Risks & Benefits:

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