Celiac neuropathy treatment

Posted by scootwagon @scootwagon, Jun 13, 2022

I understand that the only treatment for celiac disease is to eliminate gluten from your diet. But if you developed neuropathy from celiac, and you stop ingesting gluten, how long might it take before your body stops attacking your nervous system? Is it common to be treated with IVIG to bring the autoimmune attack to a quicker end?

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Hi @scootwagon, I don't think anyone knows the answer to your question about how long it takes for the body to stop attacking the nervous system. I wish there was an answer for you as I know how unsettling it is to have something hanging over you and just wanting it to go away. In one of your earlier posts you mentioned you were gluten free for 18 days and it greatly reduced your PN symptoms.

I found this recent article that I think you might find interesting if not helpful -- Gluten Neuropathy Pain: Symptoms and Impact of Diet: https://www.verywellhealth.com/gluten-and-neuropathy-562315

Are you still doing OK with staying gluten free?

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