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Celiac Disease - gluten free and no improvement

Posted by @sillyred, Nov 19, 2012

I am writing on behalf of my husband. He is 43 and recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease. He has been gluten, soy, dairy free for 60 days.

He no longer has stomach pain or diarrhea. He now has disorientation, head fog, gas and bloating after every meal along with head aches. We do not believe he is being glutened. Just before bowel movements, he feels very ill.

Most Celiacs feel better from being gluten free, he actually feels worse. Any insight would be welcomed. And prayers are always welcome!



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Posted by @anon56837187, Nov 20, 2012

Has he tried eating small meals? Keep notes of what he eats every day and every meals. See if certain meals of the days make him feel worse or better. Avoid the foods that might make him feel ill. At the present time, eat warm foods and stop eating salad for a few days and see if he feels better. Eat slowly. Don’t drink cold liquids with foods. From daily notes of what works and don’t work, he might find foods that agree with the stomach. Be sure to see the GI doctor again and report the sickness. Feel better.


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Posted by @godandliberty, Nov 20, 2012

do not lose faith and fret! my wife was in a very similar boat. it took us about 1 year and 3 months to get her to start feeling well again. likely your husband has had these symptoms for ever and thus celiac for that long. it will take time for him to recover. best things that helped my wife were to find multivitamins, probiotic, rest copiously, go completely gluten free in our house, and so much more that i will tell you in a subsequent post. it takes time for the body to recover. everyone has different experiences as well. and science only knows so much. they say that you can’t get sick from gluten if breathed in, well we believe you can. i dont care how many PHDs say you can, cause my wife does. so listen to your body. you need to give up eating out at any places that are “gluten free” cause they likely are not. most processed food labeled “gluten free” is not gluten free enough. ok more later. stay strong and positive. it will get better in time.


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Posted by @lalucido, Nov 26, 2012

Is it possible he may be sensitive to more than just gluten? For example, in addition to being gluten sensitive I am also extremely sensitive to corn and corn by-products which are in most processed food. Sometimes when we go off gluten we start eating more of other items (rice, corn, potatoes) and if we have a problem with some of those we can have continuned or other challenges. I am praying!!! 🙂

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