Celiac Antibodies TTG, IGA and DGP IGA: What does it mean?

Posted by jmatias88 @jmatias88, Jun 3 9:26pm

I recently got tested for celiac disease but I am not sure what the results mean. Anyone have an idea my doctor was a bit unclear.

Hello @jmatias88, Welcome to Connect. I have no medical training or background but can relate to being unclear about what the lab test results mean if the doctor doesn't specifically interpret them for me. Just a glance at the test values shows that they are both well below the reference range of less than or equal to 14.9 U/ml which to me shows that the tests were negative for what they were looking for. Here's more information on the Celiac Disease Antibody Tests – https://labtestsonline.org/tests/celiac-disease-antibody-tests

If it were me and I was unclear what the lab test results were, I would pick up the phone and call the doctor or send them a message on a patient portal if your health system uses them. Are you able to share more about your symptoms or why your doctor ordered the test?

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