Anyone had good results with Celebrex for arthritis and hip pain?

Posted by popolopo @popolopo, Jan 2 12:34pm

I just started it for arthritis and hip pain , hoping it works. Anyone had good results ?

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Nope. Celebrex also A Cox2 Inhibitor…Vioxx worked and worked too well and hurt Big Pharmas Pockets in the sales of opiates. Celebrex is a placebo. Bad deal.


I tool Celebrex after Vioxx was taken off the market.
Both drugs have an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. Celebrex worked somewhat for me but not nearly as well as Vioxx which killed thousands of patients. I stopped Celebrex and took fentanyl.
Celebrex may increase bleeding and other GI complications.
Good luck,

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I had a heart attack after taking 4 celebrex a day ,the doctor perscribed it, I survived but only just.

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