Celebrex vs Ibuprofen

Posted by birdman518 @birdman518, Dec 23, 2021

I know this is only indirectly related to Spine Health, but since I am a "member" here I wanted to ask it.
I used to take 2 Ibuprofen a night to help my overall arm pain and to sleep better, and it seems to help. I would also take 2 before walking 3-4 miles, which I do at most 3 times a week.
My current PCP seems to really not like Ibuprofen, and I think I understand his reasoning: some people have trouble (stomach?) with it. But previous PCPs have told me that the amounts I take are literally nothing… I guess some people take 8 a day!
So anyway my PCP wanted me to try Celebrex. I have been on it about 2+ weeks now (no more Ibuprofen) and really have not noticed any difference.
Everything being equal I prefer to avoid prescription meds.
Has anyone else looked at these two and how did you come down?

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Hi Mitch,

There can be side effects with any pain relievers, and some people can be allergic to Celebrex. It is a Cox 2 inhibitor which is a marker of inflammation. It may be that your doctor is comfortable with prescribing it. Sometimes that could be due to the drug company representatives whining and dining the doctors when they have new drugs to launch. Here is a link that explains Cox 2 inhibitors and side effects. It reduces inflammation, so then also reduces the pain generated by inflammation.
A natural anti inflammatory can be found in Curcumin which is the compound found in the spice Turmeric. If that isn't something you like the taste of, you can buy it in capsule form. Here is a study that demonstrates the health benefits of Turmeric. Diet can also influence the degree of inflammation a lot as well.
I agree with you on avoiding unnecessary prescriptions and that can be possible with other choices that you make.

Have you tried turmeric before?


I like Turmeric but usually only eat it in Indian foods. I will actually have some tonight for our Christmas Eve meal! Thanks!

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