Cecum cancer 2 of 12 lymph nodes involved

Posted by mcohan @mcohan, Apr 14 10:40am

Recently underwent robotic surgery for cecum cancer on March 30. The surgeon was wonderful. Discharged the day after surgery..
no problems since.. feel great.. follow up on Monday, April 17.
pathology report on April 12 indicated 2/12 lymph nodes involved. Tumor deposits.
Report says PT4a; PN1 b
No distant metastasis
Possible extending through serosa
Have not yet met with oncologist.. hopefully next week.
I have done far more searches than I should.
I also have 2 very small typical carcinoids in lung.
Any info or advice welcomed.
Surgeon said chemo is in order.
I am 72

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I wish you luck on your journey. I had to look up where and what a cecum was. I have had anal cancer so I'm guessing our treatments will be different. You'll feel much better after you see an oncologist. It feels good to have a plan of action.


Did you have chemo?

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I had chemo and radiation. It worked, the cancer is gone but it had only been one year since i was diagnosed.


I too was diagnosed with cancer in the caecum. Had surgery and the result was stage 3A grade 2 and Lymphovascular invasion. I am now the chemo drug capecitabine for 8 rounds of two weeks on and one week off. Because of the severe sude effects the dosage of the drug has been reduced by 60%.
I'm very concerned now if this dosage is enough to kill the cancer cells. Has anyone else had the same issue.


Was it pill form?
What were the side effects?
I meet with the oncologist on May 4.
I am being treated at Emory Winship Cancer Institute in Atlanta.


I may not have colon cancer (clear recent colonoscopy), but may have
a symptom. I am 90 years old, bedridden and have around the clock health assistants.
major embarrassment is 4 BMs per day. One during sleep at night and one
after each time I lie down. I take Immodium, but diarrhea is not the
problem. No pain, but terribly inconvenient for assistants who do a
diaper change after each incident. I am willing to try anything to get. rid
of this very unnerving problem

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