CBD oil for Neuropathy

Posted by gfisher100 @gfisher100, Jun 2, 2018

Has anyone used CBD oil or anything similar for use in relieving Neuropathy?


You have it backwards. Hemp plants contain much more CBD than cannabis plants and CBD obtained from Hemp from what I’ve read is better for pain relief. I use an product from Ilera Healthcare that is CBD:THC 10:1 and I just increased it to 3 times a day from once and I’ve noticed an increased in my pain control, reducing my PRN oxycodone to 3x day from 4x day. Watch this video.. https://www.amazon.com/CBD-Nation-Jennifer-Lanksbury/dp/B08H4GXH35

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I'm a chronic pain patient who's trying to control my pain just like you. The plus for cannabis CBD is it must be tested by a state sanctioned lab to ascertain that the material in it is safe. I'm not certain that CBD from hemp is tested like this due to cost. Yes CBD is not covered by insurance but my pain control is more important to me.

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