Posted by yayaaz @yayaaz, Jul 2, 2018

Has anyone used CBD OIL in a nebulizer? I’m asking because my daughter suffers from CRPS/RSD. I(t is a rare, neuroinflammatory syndrome characterized by intense chronic pain, swelling, tropic changes, vascular changes, and functional impairment of the limb. It can become incredibly debilitating unless diagnosed early and treated appropriately.

There is no single test for diagnosing CRPS. The best diagnostic tool is a good medical history and thorough exam. CRPS is classified as an orphan disease (less than 200,000 prevalence). It generally develops after some type of trauma such as a fracture, sprain, surgery, crush injury, or immobilization of the limb. Pain generally starts in one limb; however, it can present in the trunk (spine, abdomen, chest wall, CRPS pain rated higher than cancer pain and amputation of a digit on the McGill Pain Index.). CBD OIL is helping some of these people in a cream form. I’m researching CBD oil for my daughter and thought of my 89 year old aunt who suffers from MAC/ Bronchiectasis.
Sorry for the length of this question.

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