Can't tolerate food 6 weeks post Cholecystectomy

Posted by tasha00 @tasha00, May 7 7:06pm

I had a Laproscopic Cholecystectomy 6 weeks ago. I thought I got away lucky with being able to pretty much eat anything I wanted for the first 3 weeks post surgery, and now I can't seem to stomach any food. I am cautious of portion sizes and eating a low fat diet, but for the last three weeks it's just become worse, almost to the point of being afraid to eat. I miss food! Does anyone have any advice or their own experience they want to share? I see my Dr. tomorrow.

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Yes. I had the same problem in 2021 and it took me 3 months to get my appetite back. Sometimes it takes the body that long to acclimate not having a gallbladder. I ate quite a bit of Salmon and lost alot of weight. Give it 3 mos. I developed Insomnia and anxiety during that period worrying so much about it.


I'm now one year post-operative cholecystectomy….generally I've been OK, but there are still ups and downs, in food tolerance, appetite fluctuations, digestion issues, etc.
I would be curious as to what your doctor says. So please share if you can, and post your appointment results.

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