Candidiasis of esophagus

Posted by Berge Markarian @bergem, Jun 18, 2017

I had and EGD and upper esophageal brushing on Cytopathology report showed: Candidiasis. Yet on microscopic description with special stains failed to demonstrate fungal elements.
Questions;1- Is this diagnosis may be the cause of epigastric pain?
2- Is treatment with Fluconazole helpful?
3- I take Ranexa which may cause QT prolongation , Fluconazole may increase the possibility of QT prolongation.
In addition Fluconazole’s one side effect is stomach pain
Anyone has had similar experience and treatment?

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Pulmonary Pfibrosis

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I was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis 2 yesrs ago. I have had hrcat scans 3 times and had a lung biopsy. Have been told its chronic hypersensitive phemonitis. Have had a serious cough on and off for 2 years.


Have they given you any kind of treatment or a life expectancy


interstitial fibrosis in both lungs . They will rescan Thursday and if it slow growing they will treat with 9 pills a day. give me 2 to4 years to live ..


Hello @beatles, @sophiasmom

I’m truly sorry to learn about your diagnosis, and want to assure you that you are not alone. We’re so glad to have you here, on Mayo Clinic Connect.

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Ronald, Sophiasmom, could you tell us a bit more about your treatment plans?


I have had Thrush and it was terrible. It started with a sore throat that by the 3rd day was so awful I couldn’t swallow. The night before, I took my 3 am pill and it felt as if it had goeen stuck in my throat. I drank a lot of water but the “pill” never went away. My throat deep down was swollen. I looked in my throat the next morning and it and my mouth rooftop were deep red with white patches and one area was all white. It scared me so much I went to the ER. They thought it was esophageal thrush as I could feel every swallow all the way to my stomach and it was painful. They swabbed my throat to make sure it wasn’t strep (I’ve not heard back from them-will call today). They ordered Amoxicillan, prophylacticly, but I didn’t take it as I had read by then that it could make my problem worse.

My daughter’s husband died of ALS 3 years ago, but he apparently had thrush before he passed. She had some leftover Nystatin (4 years old) that I decided to gargle figuring it wouldn’t hurt and might help. When I saw my doctor after the weekend, he prescribed more Nystatin. I have gargled all of it and swallowed as he prescribed. Amazingly after 1 week, the thrush was gone! However, last night I began feeling that tightness in my laryngeal area, and my chest. Im afraid it is coming back. I ended my Nystatin on Saturday (2 days ago) and I yesterday I didn’t eat any greek yogurt. I have been doing that daily in an effort to get my system balanced again. My doctor also told me to take the Amoxicillan which I am doing.

My bariatric surgeon was going to schedule an endoscopy awhile back, so I need for him to do that now. I have been having trouble eating for 3 months now so i thought I might have an ulcer. Noe I’m wondering if candida has been the problem in my stomach too. Also, I had just seen my dermatologist a week before my throat problem for some outbreaks in the corners of my nose and the corners of my mouth. He said I had sebhoriac dermatitis that is caused by an overrun of fungus on my skin. Im sure all of this is related, but I can’t seem to get the doctors to acknowledge or even pay attention to the probability!

I will say that the Nystatin worked almost immediately to calm down my throat pain and white patches and redness. That is the best I’ve ever had a medicine work. I hope this is helpful to those who read it. I had posted in another subject (Immune system I think) but didn’t really get any responses that applied. This is the best place to post apparently. If anyone has more information, please post. Thanks, Gail B Ledesma

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Candida has returned to my mouth and throat with a vengeance. Any natural alternatives anyone could suggest to get rid of it?


Can candida cause symptoms of Barrett's esophagus? What were your symptoms? Fluconozole can arrest growth but not kill candida; the result can be mutation to medication resistant strains. Microscopic examination is the best test and it is strange that it showed no candida. An antibody candida panel shows if you have had it and an antigen candida panel shows you have it now. Candida infections are extremely serious and should be aggressively pursued. Why do doctors refuse to give information it and treat it? Rick

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