Candidas overgrowth

Posted by adawson94 @adawson94, Apr 15, 2020

I was told I had it last year after it appears all over my skin. I asked my dermatologist what I can do to be rid of this they told me there was no fix you just have to live with it and occasionally use shampoo as a body wash. I am so tired all the time I never napped before but now I do. I never feel fully rested my doctor did a sleep study on me and found I rest well throughout the night. I have consistent UTI’s even though I take care of myself with a shower daily and I only drink water- Occasionally a coffee. I have achalasia as well as severe GERD- with diagnosed chronic constipation after a colonoscopy at 24. I’m only 26 now and I feel like I’m half alive. I have occasional severe insomnia with headaches. My joints are starting to hurt somewhat severely and I have been tested for arthritis due to my mother having sjrogens?? However you spell that autoimmune disease. I tested negative but I feel as though my joints are swelling. I have a see rate of 40 consistently and I’m scared. Does someone please have a remedy or help? My dermatologist said I had it but never explained which type or looked any further and I felt rather neglected in answers.

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@adawson94 Welcome to connect . We here care about each other and try to help . We aren't Dr.s so cant diagnose. Your post came at the same time I am reading about candida albicons . The Candida go there and it has information . I just started to read information . One thing it said was we need to be on a anti inflammatory diet and also probiotic , good vitamins that's all the further I got so far but this will cause a lot of problems you are talking about and me with pain. Look it up Candida


Hi @adawson94, I echo @lioness 's welcome. I am sorry to hear about your overgrowth and varying symptoms. I think the Candida diet is something very useful to look up. Do you tend to eat a lot of refined carbs or foods high in sugar? You said that it appears all over your skin. Can you elaborate on that? Does it appear as a rash? How is this affecting your quality of life?

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