cancer free for 10 years but still experiencing pain in anus

Posted by jimwaters59 @jimwaters59, Jun 7 7:34pm

Had stage 4 rectal cancer 10 years ago and have been cancer free ever since. Only issue I was dealing was with frequent trips to the bathroom and minimal leakage- until about 3 years ago I started having a painful spot on one side of my anus that comes and goes. Have gotten advice from a dermatologist and have tried many different types of cream that seem to help right away but have not been a cure for the issue. I can deal with the frequent trips to the bathroom and leakage but the pain has become unmanageable. Would be interested to hear what has (or has not) worked for others, any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advanced

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@jimwaters59, good news on the cancer-free for 10 years and counting. I'm tagging members like @lillyann @tykahlich @mardee313 @bea1972, who have also posted about pain and GI issues after treatment for rectal cancer.

You mention having seen a dermatologist, but I wonder if you've returned to your cancer team to ask about the persistent and unmanageable pain?

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