Benign lump removed; found thyroid cancer behind the lump

Posted by jasonhanson @jasonhanson, Jan 18, 2020

I found out six years ago I had thyroid cancer. I had to fight with my docs to have my thyroid removed because the lump they found was not cancerous. They agreed to go forward with the surgery and found my cancer behind my lump. They also found cancer in two of my lymph nodes. They have been watching ever since for the cancer to spread. So far so good. I have another test next Friday to look at some lymph nodes in my stomach that have grown so any prayers would be appreciated.

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Hello @jasonhanson, welcome to Connect. I'd like to invite @jessea and @nancirae who also recently discussed having their thyroid completely removed. You may also find it worth some time looking through the following discussion where @1943 discusses the watch & wait approach to their cancer as well,

@jasonhanson, do you know how often you will be monitored to watch your cancer? How are you feeling overall since having your thyroid removed?

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