Can you lose belly fat caused by diclofenac-misoprostol (Arthrotec)?

Posted by mikka @mikka, Oct 20, 2023

I have autoimmune thyroid disorder (and pernicious anemia) in addition to RA. Last year my rheumatologist put me on arthrotec. I took it for only a month due to some serious reactions. However, I accumulated a massive amount of belly fat during that time. My metabolism is slow due to thyroid disorder, and I can't exercise as I did before RA. Yet health experts keep telling me I must lose that belly fat. Any ideas how to do that? I am eating less than ever, but can't boost my exercise.

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Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect!
Here is an extensive listing of side effects that can occur when taking Arthrotec
I did not see any mention of weight gain- abdominal fat.
However, as you know thyroid disease can cause fat accumulation. In addition, any autoimmune disease can change your metabolism- I have seen it happen to me- a couple of pounds a week even when I’m very cautious. It seems to be very hard to get rid of- losing only a couple of pounds when I was sick and barely ate anything.
Maybe you can ask your Endocrinologist for advice? Also, a nutritionist used to seeing patients with chronic illnesses.

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