Can stomach ulcer cause bad tenderness on ab skin surface over ulcer?

Posted by musicbart @musicbart, Jan 18 5:55pm

For a longstanding – but now and then, coming and going – physical pain problem a bit down from the lowest LEFT side rib (therefore in the upper LEFT ab near that rib) with this medical problem causing **horrible** tenderness in the smallish area (maybe ping-pong ball sized area that never changes location) where this problem exists for way over 1 year, is it possible that a stomach ulcer can cause very painful tenderness when the sufferer presses or pushes on that smallish upper left abdomen area? Can splenic flexure syndrome ( = gas trapped in the upper LEFT ab where the transverse colon meets the left side descending colon) explain this knowing there's high level painful physical tenderness in that upper LEFT ab area? What about an abdominal wall problem? I suffer from SIBO and also have ugly diastasis recti from poorly done, lousy bilateral groin hernia surgery done 8 yrs ago.

This vile tenderness physical pain in that smallish area sometimes begins with eating but it seems I've also had it start up when not eating maybe because the simplest of body movements are physically tweaking/disturbing a stomach ulcer there? Since I suffer from very tricky, difficult-to-end SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth, the hydrogen type known from last month's Trio-Smart breath test), I really am not keen on taking a ppi such as omeprazole– I'd rather take famotidine twice a day if an MD okays that instead of omeprazole. You see, ppi drugs reduce acid in the stomach and this is bad because bacteria aren't then killed in the stomach by acid and then move into the small intestine which is VERY BAD since there's already way too much bacteria there now! Also, I've had no upper GI endoscopy for this problem but in the past I've had esophagitis studied with upper GI endoscopy. [The NSAIDs salsalate and etodolac — I can't take any NSAID — damaged my stomach in the past causing gastritis which forced me to take omeprazole.]

A physically distant young GI MD at the VA — I've never met him in person nor been examined by him — told me over the phone or in an email message that this physical pain simply cannot be from a stomach ulcer because he told me that a stomach ulcer would not cause surface tenderness. But I wonder– maybe he's wrong about that and I've been physically suffering for so long senselessly.

Do you know if such a medical problem of painful upper LEFT abdominal surface tenderness can occur from a stomach ulcer just under that painful area?

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