Can one stop taking prolia after the first shot?

Posted by imatine @imatine, Mar 6, 2021

Hello everyone, my mom is 84 year old and she got osteoporosis since 8 years. She took prolia last October. She started to feel a lot of pain in her legs now. I am thinking she shouldn't take the 2nd shot but I am afraid of the consequences. Did anyone here stop the prolia at an early stage!? If so what happened? Thank you

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I hear the terms "vetebral" fractures", but what does that mean and has anyone experienced these when discontinuing Prolia?

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vertebral fractures are a fracture of any of the vertebral bodies of the spine. These fractures are particularly unkind because they permanently reduce the height of the vertebra. Compression fractures heal in the deformed state of the fracture. Most of these fractures are anterior and force the body alignment into a forward position. Some prolia patients experience these fractures at multiple levels.


i had 1 shot of prolia and had such a severe reaction i can never take it agai and yes i had so far 2 compression frractures and several upper respiratories so there are consequences

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