Can I infect anyone?

Posted by ppc198 @ppc198, May 24, 2023

Two months since positive Covid with mild symptoms. 76, fully vaxed and boosted, healthy, and active. No reaction to any of the injections and came down with Covid 3 months out from Bivaliant booster.
This is Covid #2 for me and had great results with Paxlovid both times. I have continually tested negative since March 29…but keep cycling in and out of spiking (102.8) fever, chills, continuous sweating, muscle fatigue, headache, aching thigh muscles and exhaustion. I have been down or asleep 14-16 hours a day for 8 weeks.
Whether it is “rebound” Covid, post Covid or whatever….my concern is danger to others. I continue to test negative with multiple brands even at the miserable peaks of my “cycles.”
Am I contagious??? I continue to mask around anyone but am concerned that I could transmit to someone else.
Yes this ordeal is a day at a time. Right now I am starting day 5 symptom free but wary and waiting for a change for the worse.

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I can certainly understand your concern, when you’re going through long term symptoms you might wonder if it’s just symptoms or am I infected again, naturally you’re going to keep testing yourself to be sure. I truly sympathize with you and it’s very reasonable to be concerned, it certainly doesn’t help that the help for this is not very forthcoming until such a time that they get more information about the virus we’re dealing with. I pray that one day they will have more answers for people like us and that no one will have to go through this nightmare we are dealing with, amen.


I’ve had long term COVID symptoms for three years, beginning five or six days after receiving my second Pfizer jab.
I have been hospitalized twice, once following speech slurring thinking I may have had a stroke. After multiple MRI’s, no stroke.
Following extreme feeling of swelling of right side of brain, admitted to hospital for three days…determined cause;
unusual migraine headache.
I question the diagnosis.
My opinion: Condition caused by side effect of Pfizer jab…this so called vaccine definitely not so. A vaccine prevents the disease.
My symptoms: speech, double vision, blurred vision, balance,
Thank you for evaluation.

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