Calcified thyroid cartilage

Posted by nextdoornayber @nextdoornayber, Jun 5, 2021

My holistic dentist ran some diagnostic tests recently. The radiology report discovered calcification of the superior cornu of the thyroid cartilage but noted that it was considered normal and no treatment was required. I do have hypothyroidism that I've been treating for the last 1.5 years and sent the results to my Endocrinologist. I've read this can be a precursor for cancer.

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Hi @nextdoornayber and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I would be concerned if something showed up on my report that was abnormal and my doctor told me not to worry about it also.

The members on Connect are patients just like you and share personal experiences just like you have. I did read that there is about a 5% that the calcification can cause cancer, but I also read that it is more likely to develop as dysphagia.

While I look for other members to connect you with, can you share with us what brought on the need for diagnostic testing? Were you having symptoms?


Hi Amanda, Thank you for the detailed response. I was not having symptoms specific to my thyroid, although I do have hypothyroidism. The diagnostic testing was actually done at my holistic dentist. They send radiographs for assessment to determine any underlying issues related to your teeth, bone, neck, head, jaw, sinuses, etc. I did send the details to my Endocrinologist and she has scheduled an ultrasound to investigate further.

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