Business Owners and Chronic Illness/Autoimmune

Posted by flyingpigwrangler @flyingpigwrangler, Jun 21, 2021

Hi. I have had fibro for over 30 years. I had CRPS many years ago but after a while it went away, thank you God. Then, 7 years ago I was in a hit and run car accident. I have since lost the use of both legs and my right arm due to the CRPS that is now back throughout my entire body.

As a business owner I have had to figure out the ways of working around all that we deal with day to day. Unlike businesses who only have the "non-unique" issues, we have to add to that pain, and many other challenges.

I recently started a program for us that provides tools, strategies, automations — all kinds of things that help with allowing us to keep our businesses thriving. What I'm looking for here is —

1. Is anyone else a business owner?
2. Do you have some of these tools, etc. that you'd be willing to share so that I can help others to also be more able to function and consider themselves better than their disabilities?

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@flyingpigwrangler Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. We are a caring community of patients/family members/caregivers who share our resources and experiences to help others along their journeys.

I must say, you are in a fairly unique position! While I am not able to chime in to share things that work for me in such a situation, solutions that come to mind are: outsourcing what you can, sharing amongst other small business owner the duties required, working with local community organizations for assistance.

I will be very interested to hear from others as they respond to you.

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