Posted by maryflorida @maryflorida, Nov 18, 2020

Doctor said I have bursitis. he asked if my feet are numb. If they are very cold, is that numbness? have to rest until PT starts. Any more information?

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What worked for them does not work for some of us! It is almost like I live in a town and you live in the city! So your problems with your taxes are not the same as mine! Taxes are taxes! Medical concerns are medical concerns. If you call them and ask for someone that can put the two files together, well….. they sent me a text saying they will do that today. I will soon see if it works.. this weekend I broke my foot, and I will see if I can track that. I wish you well.


Do you do exercises which hurt your hip? My pain doctor told me to avoid doing the exercise bike for now. I agree with you about lying on one side and having to change sides often. So, I go to a "dry needling" pain doctor.. but not much better yet. Is there anything dlse for bursitis (or maybe it is sciatica .. they don't know for sure)?

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Yes, it helps me. I just have to stay away from flour! I don’t understand, but it does help! Thanks for asking.

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