Posted by feelingold8689 @feelingold8689, Mar 9, 2020

On Saturday evening I stepped wrong and something popped in the back of my knee joint and I couldn't walk it hurt really bad. On Sunday morning I had to use a cane to walk but it hurt to bend that leg. I iced it and kept it elevated as much as possible. At 630 am this morning i woke up and it felt like the inside of my knee was on fire and the back of my knee was very red. I took some Tylenol arthritis and the burning and redness went away but it kinda scared me.

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Hello @feelingold8689, welcome to Connect. How is the swelling now that you are a few days removed from the initial popping sensation? Have you contacted your provider to talk about the injury? I am not a medical professional, but typically a popping sensation followed by swelling, redness and pain indicates an injury that may be worth getting looked at. Because the knee is complex with many ligaments and muscles, injuries can occur many ways. You mentioned it's still red and painful, how is your range-of-motion and ability to use the knee?


@feelingold8689 I agree with Justin you should go to your Dr and talk to him about your knee don't let go .

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