Burning sensations in random locations

Posted by tadams1129 @tadams1129, Mar 16 11:21pm

Ever since my craniotomy in 2014 to remove a benign brain tumor, I’ve suffered from nerve problems like Occipital Neuralgia, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Geniculate Neuralgia, and Auriculotemporal Neuralgia (which my surgeon calls temporal intersection syndrome). My eyes hurt randomly when I move them. This mess hurts! Within the last two years, I’ve started getting nerve pain or spots of heat (not hot to the touch or even red to the eye, just burning sensations) in weird spots like the middle of my right butt cheek 😅, the tops of my feet, my thighs, and right above the arch of my right foot. The burning in my feet where the skin is thinner feels like an Indian burn we used to give each other as kids. A few minutes ago, I was standing when suddenly it felt like someone branded the side of my foot. I looked down to make sure I wasn’t standing on my foot or got stung by something. Nope, I was just wearing regular socks. Took my sock off and there you have it, red as plain as day. Oh, and now that burning is gone, so is the red. I have never had redness show in the areas where the burning sensations are; this is completely new.

Med history: I have a brain lesion on the periventricular area of my brain. I suffer migraines that are untreatable by medications and surgeries, constant dizziness, tingling in hands and feet, pins and needles, numbness that moves up my legs, random numbness in fingertips, night sweats, my left leg responds slower according to my doc, white blood cell count always high – practically all signs point to MS without an additional lesion or obands. Had I not had the craniotomy in 2014 to remove one, I’d be clinically diagnosed.

I see my neuro on Monday. What should I ask him to test for? I’m really tired of being told it’s conversion disorder or something similar. At this very moment, it feels like my body is attacking itself. My right leg is very tingly from the calf down to my toes. So tingly it hurts. Harsh pins and needles. I’ve got nerve pain shooting everywhere from my head to my toes. Left foot is now getting that painful tingle in my toes only. I wish I knew what this is. It is terrible.

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I have constant skin burning sensation on my upper legs, face, hands and abdomen. It feels like a sunburn. Just wondering if this is unique to me?

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I have those sensations in my fingers or in my whole hands, my shoulders, and my legs. Mine is caused by pinched nerves. The felling does not come on gradually, it hits me like a freight train.

At that time, I have to breath slowly through the pain and move my body and joints to try to relieve the pressure on the nerve. My specialists ordered xrays, CTs & MRIs soon after I notified them of my new symptoms.

My doctors have an electronic communication system that allows me to communicate my concerns, rather than waiting for my next appointment. This helps quite a bit, since I do not have to try to remember how the pain felt and what areas did the pain move through. When I am not having the pain, I do not focus my energy (since it is low) on past pain.


My goodness. I am sorry you are going through that. Glad you have a good doctor though. Best of luck to you.

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