Burning in mouth and throat symptoms

Posted by decosmo @decosmo, Feb 20, 2017

Hello, I have been struggling with digestive issues for many years. Diagnosed with SIBO 10 months ago. Recently, I have been experiencing burning in my sinus, throat and mouth after I eat and continues 24/7. Has anyone else experienced similar symptoms and if so diagnosis?

@decosmo i was diagnosed with Gerd. After eating, the burning sensation, was so bad it went from my throat clear to my stomach. I ended up having H-Pylori too, along with the Gerd. I was given 2 antibiotics that i took for a few weeks. Now im on omperzole 40ml 2 times day. It took a few months, before i was better.. not sure if this helps? But it sounds a little bit similar to what i experienced. Wish you the best..


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@decosmo, have you seen a gastroenterologist for these new symptoms? What diet changes have you made?


Sounds like it could be GERD. GERD, depending on its severity, can be successfully treated in many cases by an anti-acid diet. See Dr. Jonathan Aviv’s work and his diet guidelines. Good luck.

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