Brown vision post-ICL surgery. Is anyone familiar with this??

Posted by mmeowcollins @mmeowcollins, Jan 27, 2019

Hi- I had ICL surgery on 1/24 on my right eye and woke up to brown vision. It looks like I’m wearing brown sunglasses or like I’m seeing a sepia tint. The surgeon seemed to think it was due to swelling but had never encountered this before, nor has his on-call dr. It hasn’t gotten any better, though I know the procedure was quite recent.

Logistically, it’s difficult as I had the surgery done out of town and am scheduled to get the other eye done this week, though I will postpone if my right eye isn’t cleared up. In terms of my vision itself, it is greatly improving but I simply can’t see through the brown tone at times, especially indoors or in low lighting.

I can’t get an appt with my eye dr in town for a few days so I wanted to see if anyone here had heard of someone having brown vision post-ICL surgery. From what I’ve read about cataracts and the lens turning brown or yellow, it almost seems as if I’m having cataract symptoms in terms of the tint.

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Hi, @mmeowcollins – wanted to check back with you and see how things are going with the brown vision you were experiencing after your Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL) surgery and see if it's gotten any better?

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