Breast pain years after lumpectomy, nipple inverting.

Posted by beckyf @beckyf, Oct 14 1:26am

Breast cancer 1996 (left breast & lymph node involvement).
Chemotherapy/Radiation and Tamoxifen for 5 yrs.
Now having pain and my nipple is sinking in.
Mammogram reads normal and ultrasound was unremarkable.
Anyone else having issues like this?

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@beckyf I know you are speaking of a Lumpectomy but maybe some food for thought. I ran across this article about in Cure Today magazine about Mastectomy pain and found it interesting as I have a Rib/Back pain since my mastectomy. I’m 4 yrs out from surgery. I’ve had this & thought it would heal but always thought it was from surgery. It would come and go & was when o would lie on my right side.
It has continually gotten worse to the point of debilitating spasms. I finally hooked up w/ a wonderful Acupuncturist Doctor. She stated it was scar tissue. The spasms are gone and now it is like a Deep sore overworked muscle. Like I exercised too much. Between my Acupuncturist, exercising my Serratus Anterior , & occasionally physical therapy & chiropractic, as needed I am seeing great improvement. This all takes time. I have to remember that. It’s been 10 months that’s I’ve been going to acupuncturist and it’s been so great to see improvement. We are a team. We both have to work at this. Anyway here is the article link


I had a lumpectomy and same thing my nipple inverted. I didn't take the Tamoxifen many side affects. I did
take radiation.

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