Brain Anuerysm - So Scared

Posted by angelcat22 @angelcat22, Nov 6, 2018

I was diagnosed with a wide based Superior hypophyseal artery brain aneurysm 5 months ago...Since then I have been thru bloodwork, MRI'S and CT'S w/contrast..both 2 D and 3D...I was being tossed back and forth between 2 hospitals and 5 surgeons ..Finally after being set up for an angiogram ( yet ANOTHER month off) before they were planning separately from they coiling surgery they decided on, I got the courage to pick up the phone and call MAYO...I was incredibly amazed at the caring and compassion I received in that hour long conversation w/ a gal in Neurology...until that point I was scared, alone and made to feel embarrassed at my concerns... I have a needle and IV phobia and I admit, I am still petrified of what is to come, but I am grateful to finally get this ball rolling and get this behind me...I live 4 hours away so transportation and motel rooms is really hurting the budget but am grateful my son will be bringing me...Just wondering what all is going to happen to me once I get there..I have an appt. in the AM w/ a neurologist and then appt. w/ a neurosurgeon in the afternoon...does anyone know what all I can expect ? I don't mean to sound a baby but I am absolutely petrified of more tests and then surgery..Anyone have any pointers for me ? I think it would be better if I didn't already suffer so many other health issues..Sometimes Ii just feel like giving up but I am raising my grandson on my own that truly needs me...Anyone know what to expect thru this at all ? Thank you !!

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Hi, @angelcat22. Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I've moved your message into our group called Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases, where more members are talking about things like aneurysms.

Sounds like you've been through a lot in the 5 months since you were diagnosed with a wide-based superior hypophyseal artery brain aneurysm. It also sounds like this whole thing is scary for you. I trust you will find what you are looking for in the Neurology and Neurosurgery staff at Mayo Clinic.

Here is some Mayo Clinic information on brain aneurysms you may find helpful:

Also, you may be interested in the Mayo Clinic Patient and Visitor Guide:

I'd like to introduce you to a few members who are familiar with aneurysms or with brain surgery at Mayo Clinic. Please meet @kateia @IndianaScott @zoe888 @kariulrich @monicajones @edda @kristivila.@matupy @dawn_giacabazi and @jamienolson may also have some input. I hope they can offer any tips about dealing with an aneurysm, and also with what you might expect when you visit Mayo Clinic to see a neurologist and neurosurgeon.

@angelcat22, will you be visiting the Mayo Clinic campus in MN, FL or AZ? Will you share a bit of how this aneurysm was detected?


All of my appointments were at mayo clinic in Rochester, MN. I presume wherever you are at a Mayo Clinic the schedules are similar. Be prepared to be having quite a few tests. You will probably have an EKG, and blood tests. These are basics for every visit. Be prepared for other tests following your Neurologist visit. It may or may not be quite a hectic day for you depending on what tests they can preview ahead of your visit. Have all of your tests results been forwarded to the Neurologist that you will be seeing? If not, you can carry them with you to your appointment and hand them in when you check in. I kind of like carrying them with me...then I'm sure they arrived. Also with the Mayo sites go to Aneurysms and read the information. Many times they include a list a questions that you can ask the doctor. Better yet, have a copy of your own questions for yourself and for the doctor. My Mayo doctors are very patient and will cover all questions. The more you know about the tests that you have had done before your appointment the easier it is to visit with your doctor. Ask for written copies of all of your test results so that you can read them ahead of time. Make sure they are the radiology reports and not just a summary from your doctor. Better yet, buy a 3-ring notebook and start a paper record file. You will be fine!! There are many wonderful people at Mayo that will help out if you get lost finding appointments. Just ask. Prayers for you on your Aneurysm journey!!! Try to stay calm and relaxed.


Hi,@angelcat22. I was once a first time patient, too. You are absolutely correct about the level of compassion and care that you can look forward to when you are a patient art Mayo.

You have not said which Campus you are going to, but I want to share a link to the Concierge Service that is available at the Rochester Mayo if that is where you are heading. This is a free service, and it is for all patients, and can give you information about all things to make your visit more manageable. When you enter this link, you should see a Chat line, or you can use phone or email connection.


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