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brachial plexus injury

Posted by @bigred, Mar 23, 2012

Hi, I have a 7 month old daughter that was injured at birth! She was diagnosis with erbs palsy! She has improve! I believe in god that everything will be ok! Is there anyone out there going thru the same thing and need someone positive to talk to!

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Posted by @china, Mar 24, 2012

Not a parent yet but I feel for you. Keep faith in God and things will work out.
Sincerely China


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Posted by @bigred, Apr 2, 2012

Thanks sweetie


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Posted by @brittany, Mar 25, 2012

My 13 month old son has Erb’s Palsy and was also injured at birth. His first 3 months he did not have movement of his arm and his wrist was in the waiter’s tip position. With an amazing PT mother that moved near me to take care of my son while I am at work and a fantastic OT, we have seen great progress. He now uses his arm for play, crawling and pulling up. We have seen many specialists including Dr. Nath out of Houston, Dr. Murray from Mayo in Jacksonville, Dr. Grossman out of Miami and Dr. Kozin out of Philadelphia. My favorite is Dr. Kozin. We fly up every few months for him to see our son and still continue visiting Dr. Murray in Jacksonville, because he is local. I would be happy to talk to you more if you need any advice or have questions. I remember that the first several months was very overwhelming for me. To ensure he had the best care we were seeing doctors and OTs up to 4x a week. I was worried about my son being in pain and about his progress. It would have been so nice to have had someone that knew what I was going through to talk to. Now all the therapy and doctor’s visits have become a natural part of life. My e-mail is if you want to send me a message. If you are on facebook there are also a bunch of great groups to join to learn about things you can do for your daughter and hear about others experiences.


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Posted by @thafele, Aug 23, 2012

My wife and I have a duaghter now 15 that had the same injury at birth. She has had 2 surguries and may have 1 or 2 more. All in all she is doing well, she is a great kid. This type of injury is tough because it is entirely preventable at birth. Actually Dr. Nath was involved with treating our daughter and we were very happy with what they did for her.
In many respects it has been a difficult journey but we have learned a lot.
If you care to E-mail me you may at

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