Brachial Plexus and severe muscle spasms

Posted by cillamac @cillamac, Feb 17, 2017

I need help in finding someone who has seen severe muscle spasms in the shoulder. My 16 yr old son has been receiving Botox treatments to paralyse his shoulder, due to an injury to his brachial Plexus during a shoulder surgery to fix his posterior dislocation. I have travelled to NYC and no one has ever seen anything like this. Spasm can last up to 7 hrs, he was in a palliative coma for 14 days, and nothing stops these recurring spasms. Even in his sleep. Botox only lasts 5 weeks at a time. We are on round 2. He can not go on like this. Any information or help would be a blessing. MRN shows T2 hypertensity enlarged trunk and C5 and C6 nerve roots. Thank you.

Hello @cillmac, and welcome to Connect. I see you have made a few connections in other discussions on Connect regarding your son’s shoulder injury.

I would like to invite @qayahsmom to this conversation, as she had a daughter who injured her brachial plexus during birth in 2010 and may be able to provide some support and information regarding your son. I would also like to invite @kanyonkick @bessygo and @susanacj as they have all discussed brachial plexus injuries in the past on Connect as well.

This information was also from our community director from a previous discussion:

“I did some scoping about for you. Mayo Clinic performs hundreds of brachial plexus procedures annually. We have specialists at all 3 campuses including Jacksonville. You can find more information about brachial plexus care at Mayo Clinic here: This page also includes additional links to research and patient success stories including this one:

@cillamac, other members have talked about continuing the search until you find answers. But, how are you coping during this difficult time? Is your son handling this difficult time well also?

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