Bowel resection for redundant colon

Posted by yintwin @yintwin, Apr 1 2:27pm

Has anyone had a bowel resection for redundant colon? What was your experience? I have a very problematic and profoundly redundant, torturous transverse colon. Over the last thirty years I've been hospitalized more times than I can recount for ulcerative colitis and diverticulitis, and I was recently hospitalized for a large volvulus. We have (repeatedly) exhausted every conservative measure* to address my debilitating symptoms of frequent (more than once a week) moderate to severe abdominal pain, frequent loose stools each day, distention, and recurring stool retention in the redundant transverse colon. Removal of the redundancy seems appropriate. Has anyone had experience with surgical removal of redundant colon?
* high fiber diet, fodmap diet, SBO probiotics, periodic ducolax plus Mira lax colon cleanses, daily osmotic laxative plus citrucel caplets, daily bentyl

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Yes I had the surgery…done robotically…I gained weight afterward. Took a while to balance fiber. I do have some scar tissue


I had fistula surgery and a bowel resection in 2016.
That’s when all my problems started!!

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