Bowel problem

Posted by lskoehl62 @lskoehl62, Jun 4, 2022

I use to go to the bathroom and have big bowel movements. Then I would have severe cramps, throw up and then have a bowel movement and then diarrhea. I have pain just below the strum and to my right, I had my gallbladder removed. I do have a lot of scar tissue do to 3 C sections, complete hysterectomy and 2 incision hernias. Now I can’t go unless I take a laxative on Tuesday to poo on Wednesday. Doc has put me on Miralax 4 times a day, 2 stool softeners a day and now Linzess. Now I poo like a kitten every time I pee. I have had 2 colonoscopy within a month. Doc said because of my antonym he can go only so far. Now he said if I haven’t had a good poo, 2 laxatives every 3 days. Had a endoscopy he took 2 biopsies said my stomach was really red and bleeding, that’s why I’m anemic. He prescribe me 40mg of Prilosec, I don’t have heartburn. He also said my liver didn’t look great took 2 biopsies. I have been diagnosed with a fatty liver in 2008. I also have a 7cm hiatal hernia located behind the heart. I still don’t know what’s going on and I feel taking laxatives isn’t good for you and taking heartburn med. when I don’t have heartburn

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Hello @lskoehl62 and welcome to Mayo Connect. I am sorry to hear of all of the digestive problems you are experiencing. I can understand your frustration and why you are looking for some suggestions and help.

As you have had a lot of surgeries and as you say you have scar tissue, does your doctor think that this is contributing to your problems? I have had three surgeries on the upper digestive tract and I understand all about scar tissue and constipation. You say that taking Mira lax four times a day is causing loose stools might you consider slowing down the amount of the Mira lax? It might be a good question to send to your doctor's office through the patient portal or by phone.

Because of the extensive problems you have had, might you consider getting a second opinion? If you could consult with a university medical school or a facility like Mayo Clinic you might get a fresh look at your health issues and perhaps some new treatment plan. If you would like to have a video or personal consult with Mayo, here is a link where you can arrange that,

Would you consider getting a second opinion in order to obtain a new perspective?

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