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Botox injection

Posted by @ryman, Apr 19, 2018

I had my Botox injection yesterday in my LES. They say it went well. It is too early to say if it helps tho it does seem to. I was very sick yesterday afternoon and evening, pain, nausea and heartburn. I woke up at 4 AM with very bad heartburn and a little vomiting. I am doing better today. I was told I would have increased heartburn. Just have to learn how to control it. I already take Nexium, Mylanta and Gas Ease. I will report back in a few weeks on how it is working.


Well, at this point, I don’t think the Botox helped. I still have the old symptoms and some new. Last night I woke up regurgitating whatever was in my stomach. I am taking Nexium twice a day and Zantac before bed. The doctor told me to call back in two weeks.

Hi @ryman,

May i ask if you followed-up with the doctor, since the Botox was not helpful?

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