Both knees and hips have been replaced

Posted by iloveoliver @iloveoliver, May 12, 2019

I had my first hip replaced in 2005 and the other one in 2007. I had my right knee replaced in 2017 and the left knee replaced January 2019. Has anyone else had all joints replaced..??
I’m walking with a cane and finished PT a week ago. I’m pain free and working on increasing flexion and extension. Also need to work on stairs. I have been limping for quite awhile due to one or the other joint having osteoarthritis.

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Hi @iloveoliver thank you for sharing your determination after getting both knee joints and hip joints replaced.

I wanted to tag fellow Connect member @beatricefay as she has mentioned getting these four joints replaced as well.

Back to you @iloveoliver that's great that you have finished PT successfully. What exercises are you continuing to do in order to keep your joints healthy?


Over the course if PT , they’ve given me 6 pages of home exercises. But my extension was -10 so not so good. Doing heel slides and my leg out straight with my ankle on a bolster and 7 lbs on weight on my lower thigh. Heel raises and toe raises. Using a green band for lower leg exercises, abduction and adductor exercises. Clam shells and bridges. I do some exercises one day and the rest the next day. And up and down stairs.
I hope to not be using a cane at the end of May.

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