What's best bone broth if you’re unable to make your own?

Posted by runzeitig @runzeitig, Jan 21 9:42am

What is the most recommended bone broth to use if you’re unable to make homemade? I have diverticulosis with recurring exacerbation of inflammation and really need to reset my gut health.

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I also have diverticulosis, along with severe GERD and some esophageal problems. I don't know what the most recommended bone broth is, but I use Sam's Choice reduced sodium. It's the only one my system will tolerate.


I also have diverticulitis and recently had a resection done. My Instant Pot gives me an easy 2.5 quarts of "tasty" bone broth in no time. I can even tolerate the pressure cooked chicken on good days. It's so easy, I make it every month and have it on hand when my digestive system needs a rest. After my surgery last month…. it was the best free food for my first two weeks. I'll check to see if there are any You-tube videos on it.


I’ve made my own bone broth but when I can’t, one I use is organic Kettle & Fire. If you peruse the grocery shelf, you’ll obviously find many brands. Read the labels for ingredients. If recommended ones aren’t available, look for organic, slow simmered, vegetables, herbs, apple cider vinegar, and no oils. Slow simmering bones allows the release of all the nutrients from the bones. I also use the bone broth not only for soups but also for quinoa, amaranth, and rice. It adds additional flavor.
Hope this helps!

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