Blood squirting out around catheter tube.

Posted by roberdc @roberdc, May 21 12:59pm

On different days I feel irritation around the catheter tube. Been using K-Y at entry point and some neosporin. Also, bleeding or leakage with bowel movements. Is this normal to bleed around the catheter?

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I had blood come out between the catheter when I squeezed to make a BM and had urine / blood come out between the catheter when I had bladder spasms. I too had an irritation which I think was caused by the catheter. It felt like at the end of the penis but was actually further in. I think it was irritating the sphincter muscle. You should touch base with your doctor. Your ureatha was cut and sewn back and it will bleed.
I thought my irritation would go away when the catheter was removed but it did not. I have pelvic pain issues before surgery which makes the area hypertensive Best Wishes Timmy


If "squirting" is an accurate description, yes, I'd call the surgeon's office. A fast drop or two from the act of "pushing" during a BM can happen. They told me not to push, I minimized as best as I could.

I had drops come out around it during bowel movements early on and a couple small pieces of dried blood I could see in the tube. In the second week there was a sort of white puss for a day or two, very little. I took pictures and submitted them through the portal with a "is this normal?" The answer both times was yes and call us if it gets worse. It never did.

Don't be afraid to call the practice, if nothing else, to alleviate your anxiety regarding this.


Leaking can occur if the catheter is blocked
Leaking can occur if you strain or have spasms
Hope this helps


@roberdc, how are you doing? Did you talk to your care team about the blood? How did it get resolved?


@roberdc, how are you doing? Did you talk to your care team about the blood? How did it get resolved?

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Thanks for asking Colleen!

I'm doing ok. When my catheter was removed the hospital did imaging of the bladder and urethra. There was no bleeding or leakage. After my catheter was removed I spoke to my surgeon about the blood that appears. He believed it is normal. So, I seem him in 6 weeks but will call him earlier if it continues. I believe it is from the healing of the surgical repair. . There wasn't anything when he removed the catheter.
Take care.

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