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Can I get a Happy Birthday from anyone? Today I am 51. A Type 2 diabetic for almost 6 years now, it has been a very long road!


@retiredteacher that's too bad you don't live close to a facility with some of those features. I enjoy the people at my health club in the pool classes and although I do not maintain friendships with any of them outside of the club it's always nice to socialize with them in class. I actually do HATE going to the gym, the pool I hate less.
I have a recumbent bike here at home that I use about four nights a week. It's in my bedroom and while doing it I watch various non-absorbing TV shows, mostly the food network and the home network because I can easily walk away from them when I am done on the bike.
When I go to the gym at my club I do the treadmill. I used to do about 30 minutes but due to boredom I often only make it to 20 minutes now. That gets me about 1.25 miles so I figure, good enough.
I really pushed myself to exercise when I was on the list for a liver transplant so I had a pretty big incentive. I knew if I lost weight and got into some shape I would fare better when recuperating. It worked. I am having trouble maintaining that loss now without that huge incentive. I have gained back about 10 pounds. I would be OK with the weight but I have a whole wardrobe I bought when I was 10 pounds lighter so I don't want to have to buy more clothes.

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Bless you@chocolate5lover. Having a liver transplant must have been traumatic. But, you are blessed. One of my dearest friends passed away from liver cancer three years ago. We were devastated. You are really handling your situation well–dealing with your liver and diabetes is a heavy burden. I am glad you are doing well. I hate to admit it, but I do not go to public places except the grocery store. I would never get in a public pool or use exercise equipment that other people have used—too many germs! I always disinfect the grocery cart as much as possible. I just imagine all the dirty that has come in contact with it. That's just a phobia I have. When I exercised, I always did it alone at home as I was older. When I was young, I went to aerobic dancing classes. We always had a home with a pool, so I swam in my own pool. I also once upon a time had a stationary bike. I was fanatic and never skipped a day of exercise. Whoever that person was has left the building! I just don't feel any pull to exercise and sweat. So. I don't. Since I had to retire, I just am bored and lazy. I guess that won't change.
Have a terrific Tuesday.


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