Bipolar and ECT Treatments

Posted by Elaine R. @mrser52, Jul 14, 2019

Has anyone had ECT treatments for there bipolar?


Hi @sadeyes Just wanted to share my experience with ECT. Am bipolar, medication resistant and after 13 treatments found no relief. The one thing I realize I must do to try and keep my head above the clouds is talk therapy. I force myself (literally) to get out and walk even if just 5 minutes. Music helps at times but no real hard and fast rule for me. I encourage you to keep trying and glad you've joined this group.

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Thank you very much. I go to my psychotherapist twice a week. Thank you for your encouragement. I like music, too.


Hi, @marjou – thank you for offering your experience with ECT. Sounds like talk therapy has been very beneficial for you. How did you find the right therapist to work with?

@mrser52 – how are things going with the short-term memory loss you experienced?

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Some memory has come back with time.
I read somewhere that in searching for a therapist (or any doctor), that we as patients conduct an interview as well of prospective doctor. I used to view as one sided interview more so as doctor/patient. At one so called initial meeting (or interview) I had provided doctor or therapist a synopsis or overview of medical treatment, diagnosis, medications up to that point and see what their viewpoint or other optional treatments. Had a couple of questions or issues that were important to me and listened to their answer. There also needs to be mutual listening, respect and understanding for both parties. Most of all is there a plan, expectations, or goal in mind. A lot to consider. Hope this is helpful.

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My short term memory came back yesterday. I am so glad about it. But for some reason I can't eat without getting so nausea after I eat, so I don't know what to think about that except to stop eating. As long that I don't eat I don't feel sick.

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Hi, @mrser52 – thinking of you and the nausea you had mentioned you were dealing with. How is that going?

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