Biopsy of bald spot on scalp. What can cause this?

Posted by lisabeans @lisabeans, Jun 21, 2018

Hope everyone is well. I have an autoimmune issue that my rheumatologist is saying is rheumatoid arthritis based upon symptoms. Took over 3 years to get this diagnosis. He also feels that I have fibromyalgia. Well, yesterday I went to my yearly dermatologist and she found a bald spot on my head that looks like I can’t grow hair there anymore. She did a biopsy of it. Man did that needle hurt! I am waiting the results which can take up to 4 weeks. My questions are what can cause this and how long after can I wash my hair again. The spot is still pretty sore. Thank in advance.

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Hi @lisabeans — I can imagine that needle in the scalp hurt…just sounds like it would hurt a lot. Did your dermatologist give you any possible causes for the bald spot? I would give him a quick call to ask him if it's OK to wash your hair being that the area is pretty sore. Mayo Clinic does have some information on possible causes on bald spots here:

If you have any other symptoms you might want to try a search on Google Scholar here:

Hope you find an answer quickly!



Thanks. She told me not worry about it. She said it's common.

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